Rescue At The Barker Shop

The Barker Shop’s favorite hobby is dog rescue. We are passionate about helping our local community with pet emergencies, so much that we have our own rescue – Bark from the Heart Rescue, as well as provide help when we can to a half dozen other rescues.

We provide shelter, training, food, vetting, playtime, love and attention to about 6 dogs at all times. We make every effort to place them back into our local community and keep in touch with them to make sure they are safe and sound. We also have helped local residents when they have run into personal emergencies and risk having to give up their dog – such as financial crisis, medical issues with owner or the pet, behavioral challenges and lost pets. We have a strong base of volunteers that help with the dogs in rescue and are ready to make themselves available in crisis. Bark from the Heart Rescue is a valuable resource to our community.

Please learn more at Bark From The Heart Rescue and Facebook: Bark from the Heart Rescue