We staff 12 of the most qualified and professional groomers. Your dog will receive the most memorable experience and the final results will leave you breathless. Our groomers have years and years of background training, which enables them to groom every breed that comes their way. Choose a competition cut, play cut, trim or just a plain old bath. It’s up to you! Some of the groomers are specialists for many breeds and there are even groomers who like to spend their time with the small, big, young or old. Whatever your fancy, we are here to oblige. Proudly, we are also one of the few shops that employ 2 or more hand stripping groomers. Hand strips are usually performed on terrier breeds like Cairns, Borders, Norwich, and Norfolk. Others that may get hand stripped would be Spinones, Schnauzers, Springers and Setters.

La Grange Dog Groomer

We pride ourselves in customer service as well. Our energetic and friendly staff work 6 days a week from 7am to 7pm (Friday until 6pm and Saturday until 5pm). Our on-time percentage is almost perfect being under 4 hours. Walk-In services take a few minutes and include nail trims, dremmeling, anal glands, ear cleaning and teeth brushing. A self-wash is also available for the do-it-yourself types.

La Grange Dog Grooming Company

Always remember that good grooming is the first step towards a happy and healthy dog. We suggest a once a month visit for not only cleaning purposes, but we will also keep an eye on your dog for any concerns. The Barker Shop groomers will share their most respected opinions in the business.


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