If you are searching for a dog groomer you can trust to take care of your precious pet’s dog grooming needs, look no further than the incredibly talented dog groomers at The Barker Shop! We promise that after treating your pet to the quality dog grooming services at The Barker Shop, you will never want to take your dog anywhere else. To top that off, your dog will never want to go anywhere else either! Our remarkably talented dog groomers have the background and experience that sets them apart for all the competition. Plus, our team of professional dog groomers has the skills and expertise to groom all breeds of dogs – large or small! Furthermore, The Barker Shop is one of very few dog grooming facilities that employs two hand-stripping dog groomers. Hand stripping is a technique that is usually used on certain breeds of dogs, especially terriers. It helps alleviate your dogs coat of all the thick hair so that the dog will be more comfortable, especially during the warm weather. Regardless of how you want to have us groom your dog, our dog groomers will be able to handle the procedure so that your dog will actually look forward to monthly trips to The Barker Shop. In fact, we recommend monthly dog grooming so that your dog becomes used to the routine, and its coat is never allowed to become tangled or matted. Whichever grooming method you choose, be sure to keep your little pal well-brushed at home between trips to the professional dog groomers at The Barker Shop. Lately, many Berwyn dog-owners have been contacting The Barker Shop about our award-winning dog grooming services. They are anxious for us to work our dog grooming magic with their pooches to transform them into four-legged celebrities!

Berwyn Dog Grooming

Berwyn, Illinois is located in Cook County 12 miles west of the Chicago Loop. Berwyn was incorporated in 1908. Berwyn has close to 57,000 residents, nearly 20,000 households, and around 13,000 families residing in the city. The APPMA (American Pet Product Manufacturers Association) National Pet Owners Survey indicated in a recent survey that 37.2% of households in the United States own a dog. There are approximately 7, 440 dogs in Berwyn households. Naturally, the dog owners in Berwyn want only the best dog grooming care for their pets. They realize that a well-groomed dog will be happier and healthier, so they bring their prized possessions in to The Barker Shop for our award-winning dog groomers. We have the talent and the techniques to turn even the most reluctant dog into a pussycat who actually looks forward to a monthly visit to the dog groomer! And, isn’t that what you are looking for in a dog groomer – one who is able to handle a hesitant hound and convince it that a bath and a comb out is just the ticket?

Berwyn Dog Groomer

At The Barker Shop, we will treat your dog to the most memorable dog grooming experience in the Chicagoland area! With all their years of experience and training, our professional dog groomers are able to groom every breed of dog that comes in to our facility. The Barker Shop’s dog groomers are experts at all kinds and styles of dog grooming from competitive clips to play cuts, to trims. Or, often in the shorthaired breeds, all the owners are seeking is a nice bath for a smelly dog! The Barker Shop recommends bringing you pooch in once a month for dog grooming, and when your dog is on site, we will be on the lookout for any problems associated with its coat or skin. So, if your dog is in the market for a nice shampoo and trim, give The Barker Shop a call right now and we’ll set you up with an appointment to turn your pup into red carpet runway model!

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